I can't believe it, but its getting to that time where everyone is turning 21. Unfortunately, I have a ways to go. One of my best friends 21st birthday is just around the corner. Two words: Party Bus. What could be better than a giant personal taxi that is full of free drinks and good looking people? Not much. But what really makes me take a step back, is that everyone is getting older. I have always had the "Peter Pan" mind set- I am not getting older and you can't make me have gray hair and wrinkles! But of course, everyone is in their twenties and will soon be getting married in the next 5-10 years. How weird! To actually think that everyone is going to actually... grow up? and move out and graduate college is such a crazy thought. I wonder, when we're old, will we look back and laugh at the good times we had or regret them? I vote for laugh. Hell, why not make the memories of tomorrow today? Drink up while your organs work, my friends. Drink up.

Mark Schwartz and Brandi Strickland are my favorite artists right now. I love Mark Schwartz painting because the star of the show is... shoes! They are gorgeous and so whimsical. Brandi Strickland is an artist that I have really gotten into this year. Her paintings are very imaginative and you could just stare at them for hours! To check out Mark on blogspot and more of his work, click here!
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