If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?

Man, my liver may jump ship at any minute after this weekend. I somehow managed to be intoxicated everyday by 1pm. This meant that I was completely unable to blog, or do anything else for that matter, besides talk insentiently, drink more, and stuff my face with deliciousness. So, I am behind on my posts so let’s go back to last Thursday…

Last Thursday I went to “Girls Night Out” at the Nordstrom’s in Pentagon City. Before the event, Nicole and I did a little pre-shopping at Nordies (yes, I call it Nordies because I'm a snot so hmmph).

Michael Kors

Anne Klein

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors
It was the usual mall type of event, but I did manage to poach a model or two for an upcoming shoot, and the hair was done by W Salon and looked fantastic (in my opinion - that was the best part of the runway show. The girls looked beautiful!)


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  1. I love that hairspray pic! so cool.

  2. oooooh that michael kors ring is everything.


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