The tassel's worth the hassle!

This Saturday was my lovely cuzzy, Nicole, grad party. Congrats Nicole! We're so proud of you honey boo boo child! The evening included finger suckingly delicious bbq, (yes sucking, not licking, and get your mind out of the gutter you pervs!) lots and lots of Shock Top (specifically 7 hours of boozing and schmoozing) and my lovely family.

Nicole cutting the cake with what seems to be a knife from a Life Time original movie.

Mmmm beer is my friend.

Bros on deck (get it? GET IT? It's funny because they're actually brothers on a deck o_O )

The apps. We peeps like to eat.

"Okay, are you done taking pictures yet" No, no I am not.

Racks on racks on racks. I love big bitches.

"No, seriously, are you done taking pictures, Kate?" FINE.

Some times, I get classy beer wasted.

Yummy, yummy, fruit salad.

Well pin a rose on your nose.

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  1. Aww Congrats to her!! That food looks beyond amazing I could go for a bbq sandwich right now .. no really bring me one :)

  2. I like you posting, "Are you done taking pictures yet?" I get the same reaction with my family and friends too. Luckily my oldest daughter is the same way so we can be pictures freaks together! Happy Day!


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