Eating sushi is the new russian roulette.

Last night one of my best friends, Olivia (last seen here), and I went to grab some sushi over at Sushi Rock in Arlington. Although crabs are holding it down as my absolute favorite food of all time – note to friends, if for some reason I am sent to death for some crazy reason like oh… I don’t know… skinning Lindsay Lohan and wearing her like a Forever Lazy, I want my last meal to be 1 dozen Maryland hard shell crabs, a basket of hushpuppies, and a pitcher of Blue Moon. Don’t you dare bring me Miller Light!!- Anyways, like I was saying, crabbies are #1 on the Billboard charts for me in terms of faves, but sushi is a close second. One perfect bite of salty and sweet, chewy and crunchy, and we can all pretend that it’s healthy! Denial is fun! Weeeee.

Sushi Rock is a whole 3 minute drive away from me, has a good bar, and fantastic sushi. Although the d├ęcor is a little more Rock of Love than Rock and Roll, I can get on board. My favorite roll right now is called something like Rock Me All Night or something (I tried to check online but their website has no menu). I don’t really have many words to describe it besides a luscious cloud that sushi dreams are made of.

Having said that, let’s indulge in a little food porn. And I’m sorry Olivia that I took 82 pictures of you, I’m creepy, accept it.


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  1. Ok, now it's my turn to hate you for posting such amaaaaaazing looking food//SUSHIIII I thought we had an agreement no sushi unless we're consuming it together?! ughhhh anyways it looks DEEEELISHIOSO , happy friday :)

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  3. love me some sushi & have been craving it all week. so essentially you have made my craving worse, thank you! but i will have to try this place out. it looks so good.

    have a great weekend love!


  4. I've been meaning to try this place! I work right in Rosslyn so if you ever need a lunch date let me know!

  5. Everything looks delicious!


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